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  • Comfort that breathes

    THOMSEN solves one of the main problems of sleep:
    Sweating – With Vita Talalay Latex. This innovative
    material provides, with its open and breathable
    cell structure, an optimal sleeping temperature.

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    Targeted point-elasticity, for pressure relieving support
    of the spine and joints, makes for a relaxing and
    healthy sleep.

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    All THOMSEN sleep products are of the highest
    quality. After all, one can trust the quality
    "Made in Germany."

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Premium Quality Made in Germany

Not only can you enjoy the highest sleep comfort with THOMSEN, but can also trust the premium quality Made in Germany.>> read more

The Luxurious Vita Talalay Latex

THOMSEN ensures the optimal sleep comfort with this revolutionary material.>> read more

THOMSEN Product News

Discover the new, innovative Vario System from THOMSEN.>> read more



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